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What is Connect to Save?

Connect to Save is a new way we can all work together to create big savings on power costs for your home and for the entire cooperative membership. Working together through this program, we will reduce demand for electricity at times when it peaks and is most expensive. 


Get Started with a Smart Thermostat
As a member of Jones-Onslow EMC, you have an opportunity to purchase an ecobee 3 lite for FREE*, or other ecobee or Google Nest smart thermostats for as little as $25, with free installation. These wi-fi enabled thermostats provide you greater control of your heating and cooling needs, offer alerts and reminders, and can be controlled via mobile app for added convenience. 

*Limited time offer


Save on Power Costs
After your new thermostat is installed, the Connect to Save program will minimally adjust it during high traffic times. These small actions multiplied across thousands of homes will create big savings on wholesale power costs. As an at-cost provider of electricity, savings on wholesale power costs benefit all members of Jones-Onslow EMC. 

Enroll in the Program

Smart Thermostats Can:

  • Be controlled by your devices via mobile app, meaning more convenience
  • Lead to greater energy savings
  • Be incorporated in home automation systems

Choose from 4 models:
ecobee SmartThermostat and ecobee3 Lite
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Google Nest Learning and Google Nest

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