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For a limited time, enroll in Connect to Save and get a FREE ecobee3 lite smart thermostat!


By choosing to participate in
Connect to Save,
you are making the choice to improve your energy use, help the environment and contribute to lower energy costs for your community.


Through this program, you can purchase a smart thermostat for as low as $0 and receive a $50 annual incentive. After free, professional installation, the Connect to Save program will minimally adjust your thermostat during times of high energy demand. This small action multiplied across thousands of homes will create big savings on wholesale power costs, which benefits the entire cooperative membership.


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Join Connect to Save today! We'll help you coordinate the purchase of your new smart thermostat and schedule a free installation.
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How It Works

Just like roads at rush hour, the electric grid experiences moments of high traffic, or demand. Following the principles of supply and demand, electricity is most expensive when demand for it is greatest. Connect to Save is a way we can work together to lessen demand by minimally adjusting your thermostat during these high traffic times. This small action multiplied across thousands of homes will create big savings on wholesale power costs and expenses for the entire cooperative membership.  Follow the steps below to get started.


As a member of a participating cooperative, you have the opportunity to purchase a qualifying smart thermostat at a deep discount for as low as $0.


After purchasing your instantly discounted thermostat, you will select an installation appointment time window for a technician to complete the installation in your home.


You will have the option to have a professionally installed water heater controller in your home. For participating in this offering you will receive a $50  Connect to Save Prepaid Mastercard®. 

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